Sunday, May 3, 2015

AutoLISP Drainage Programs

Hello dear friends ,

This is  a new package of AutoLISP Drainage Programs that used by Mechanical Engineers and Draughtsmen to draw the related works in Drainage System .

This package consists of eight applications to help to:
- Draw the Drainage Pipes and add the related Fittings while drafting pipes .
- Make a Bill of Materials very easily and include the outcome into AutoCAD Table or Export to Excel.
- Create a Table for Manholes very easily by selecting the Attributed Block that represents Manhole details or even if the fore-said block used in Mleader as shown in the attached drawing.
- Get Lengths of Pipes with many options to deal with the outcome.
- Dimensioning Drainage Pipes easily just by selecting the Drainage Pipes and specifying the gap distance.
- Pipe Mleader that works in a very dynamic way to get the pipe size and a list of options to the user to add , modify ... etc.
- Pipe Disconnection to draw one of two shapes which behaves like Break Symbol somehow.
- Manhole Table Style Manager to adjust the Title and Head Text strings for the Manhole's Table .

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Author: Tharwat Al Shoufi